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The value of your online communication.
The value of your product or service.
The value of your innovative projects.
The value for your customers and employees.
The value for your shareholders and stakeholders.

  • Do you have an fantastic idea which you would like to transform in a new business?
  • Are you an already existing company or a commerce which you would like to reinvent so as to expand, to relaunch or to diversify it?
  • Are you competing on price rather than on value?
  • Your customers don’t get the value of your product or service?
  • You would like to communicate more effectively.

"Reinvent your business" is my customizable solution to empower your reaction to the changes and the challenges of our time. The success or the survival of your company both depend upon your capacity to reinvent yourself and to react to the external context.

"Reinvent your business" is a well structured solution to ensure the success of all your projects of wastes reduction, to empower your communication, to create value and to improve your customers experience.

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About two years ago I made a discovery which profoundly changed my life and the way I am operating: an innovation management solution to creating long term value which invests only on people. The “Reinvent your business” solution is based upon the three main strategies that successful companies adopt to consolidate their market relevance and their leadership. This is why I designed it:

  • to empower your reaction skills and capacities to the market,
  • to create value by identifying any kind of wastes and to eliminate them,
  • to break the rules and to neutralize your competitors,
  • to transform your customers experience into a new revenue stream,
  • to communicate more effectively by linking your communcation to your main business objectives.

Reinvent Your Business by Luca Leonardini

Italians who want a better job opportunity have no other choice but go to work abroad. In Italy this has been a consolidated trend in the last few years. In that same period I moved in the opposite direction. After nearly twenty years of working abroad, I decided to come back to Italy mostly because I wanted to use my professional experience and my network of international contacts to empower an to spread a new entrepreneurial culture.

Seth Godin

I am teaching Innovative Strategies at the University of Applied Sciences in Multichannel Visual Communication - Istituto Tecnico Superiore (ITS) Angelo Rizzoli, in Milan. The very essence of my teaching, training and consulting activities has always been putting the customer at the heart of every strategic decision, because the customer experience is the new border of global development and competition.


I grew up professionally in Belgium and in Germany where I lived and worked for almost 16 years. I traveled in 4 continents, I am speaking three languages and I have been working for international institutions, no profit organizations, public and private schools, foundations, translation agencies, software houses, publishers, graphic industries, creative agencies, multinational software companies and retailer companies.

Global Mindset Luca Leonardini

I am the publisher and the curator of "Il Metodo Fionda” the Italian version of "Slingshot. Re-Imagine Your Business - Re-Imagine Your Life” written by Gabor George Burt who briefly explains in the video how his book arrived in Italy.

Gabor George Burt is an international expert on innovative strategies, consulting for Fortune Top 500 companies and organizations around the globe.


React quickly

Adapt your business to the ever changing needs of the market and your customers.

Break the rules

Don’t make gifts to your competitors and break the rules to your own advantage.

Love your customers

Transform the customer experience in a new revenue stream.

'The only true voyage of discovery would be not to find new lands, but to possess new eyes.'

Marcel Proust


7 August 1974. Philippe Petit is walking on a wire between the South and the North Towers of the New York World Trade Center. TED Talk 2012.

Look at reality with “new eyes” and look for unconventional solutions has now become an unavoidable choice. This requires the courage to get out of the perimeter of the comfort zone to make new choices and to do things as they have never been done before.
And if anyone still wants to solve problems or meet today great challenges with the usual tools, the same methods or even worse, with the same consultants, just have a littl patience: is digging its own grave. laugh

I love helping you to look at reality with “new eyes” 
to growth or to reinvent your business.

Frecce Tricolori: Continuous innovation is a never ending team work.


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