How To Get The Culture Of Innovation Right In 13 Steps

Luca Leonardini

Innovation does not happen. It must be built.

Innovation is not a cost. It’s an investment.

Innovation is not technology. Innovation are ideas.

Innovation is not novelty. It’s culture.

Innovation is not tactic. It’s a strategy.

Innovation is not an arrival point. It’s a continuous journey.

Innovation is not a trendy debate. It’s team work.

Innovation is not a concept. Innovation are people.

To Invest And To Innovate Today: Open Question

Investment & Innovation I was thinking about two key words: "to invest” and “to innovate” so I decided to check in the dictionary. I took the Oxford Advanced Dictionary (7th Edition) and found the meaning of “to invest”:

To buy properties, shares in a company in the hope of making a profit. To spend time, energy, effort on something that you think is good or useful.

My Three Words In 2012

I have got the inspiration for this post reading the newsletter I received from Chris Brogan: his idea of writing "Your Three Words" for the new year is great and it arrived at the same time I was trying to figure out a kind of short guideline for my activity in 2012.