Disruption Is The Seed Of Innovation

Disruption and shacking never come without an opportunity so how can I find my possibility? 

In 2008 and 2009 when the crisis exploded million of people have gone through huge amount of disruption, pain, suffering for being out of job, for careers broken. But after ...

Happy Secular Paradigm Shift In 2012

2012 My heartily wishes to see the end in 2012 of this kind of fake prosperity sustained by the “business as usual” paradigm. This year I wish a new awareness will spread and grow in every country: the mere pursuit of profits has created only devastating effects for individuals, societies, businesses, global and local environments. In 2012 I wish more and more businesses around the world will embrace this secular cultural change, this phenomenal paradigm shift and will start to build a complete different kind of prosperity. I mean a prosperity where individual fulfillment, trust, empathy, human relations are the priorities over economic returns, incomes, shareholders value, stock exchange rules. In 2012 I wish more and more people around the world will be starting to ask the question: if this model of prosperity as we know it can’t provide food to 20% of the world's population (1.5 billion), if 5 million children are dying each year from malnutrition, if 11 million of children are dying every year from preventable diseases, if over a billion people have no safe water to drink, what kind of good can we possibly expect for the future? How to change and how to start writing a new page in our history? My humble suggestion is that our heart is the perfect starting place. We have to help each other to become more aware of the immense power each one of us has in rethinking the world starting from the smallest things and decisions in our daily life. When this will begin to happen, it will really be a good year to remember. This is my best wish in 2012.