10 rules to sell innovation

1. Deal with executives. They make the decisions. Anyone else is an extra step to getting a deal.

2. Deal with the biggest customers first. Market leaders have the most to gain, the most to spend and give you the most market advantage.

3. Focus sales effort on the leads that will give you the highest growth potential. Eliminate time wasters.

4. Generate more leads than you have the capacity to handle. This is essential for driving growth.

5. Throw away the price list. Structure a win/win deal to maximise the value to the client and the returns to you.

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Best Book Design 2009 - Bronze Medal for Migropolis

On February 5 and 6, 2010, the international jury for the “Best Book Design from all over the World” competition met to judge the entries from around the world. 634 books from 32 countries were submitted to the jury for evaluation. Fourteen prizes were to be awarded: a “Golden Letter,” one gold medal, two silver medals, five bronzes, and five honorable mentions. The international awards ceremony took place on March 19, 2010.

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G. Brock on journalism, paywalls, and the future of news media

Times of crisis are also times of opportunity. Although journalism has been confronted with many disappointing news over the last couple of years, a new and successful business model may be around the corner and the magic bullet may lie in the many media experiments that journalists are engaging in today.


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Embracing technology: how CNN and the NYT are fighting back

While the newspaper industry continues to struggle through an advertising downturn, closures, and mobile apps that threaten their traditional role, some traditional news outlets have realized that staying relevant has a lot to do with embracing technology, be it through a sophisticated R&D department or collaborations with the biggest tech players.

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