Mobile advertising: the new frontier of business in the world of Media

Set to launch with Apple's new iPhone OS 4.0 in June, iAd will give marketers the ability to embed dynamic and interactive ads within a mobile app. In his iPhone OS 4.0 demo earlier this month, Apple CEO Steve Jobs touted the ability of iAd to smoothly display ads within an app rather than bring the user to a separate Web page. The process and price scheme for advertisers starts with the banner ads that attempt to lure people to view the full ad.

10 rules to sell innovation

  1. Deal with executives. They make the decisions. Anyone else is an extra step to getting a deal.
  2. Deal with the biggest customers first. Market leaders have the most to gain, the most to spend and give you the most market advantage.
  3. Focus sales effort on the leads that will give you the highest growth potential. Eliminate time wasters.
  4. Generate more leads than you have the capacity to handle. This is essential for driving growth.