CIP4 new Advisory Board election

The International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) organization announced the results of its election for Advisory Board representatives. The CIP4 Advisory Board is the highest level of leadership for the organization, responsible for making strategic decisions for the organization, as well as electing the officers who have day-to-day operational responsibility. The Advisory Board has three types of representatives, reflecting the three classes of membership: Partner, Full and Associate members.

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Prototype of the new reading experience

This is an extremely valuable exemple of what the reading experience will look like with the new born computer segment iPad, WePad, ... Reading a magazine will give us the opportunity to enjoy the best of both paper and web. The beauty of paper are the beautiful and spectacular colour images with very beautiful and eye catching layout typograhy; the beauty of the web are the embedded movies, the contents to share with other users, the customized selection of articles and topics to read and to arrange.

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Mobile advertising: the new frontier of business in the world of Media

Set to launch with Apple's new iPhone OS 4.0 in June, iAd will give marketers the ability to embed dynamic and interactive ads within a mobile app. In his iPhone OS 4.0 demo earlier this month, Apple CEO Steve Jobs touted the ability of iAd to smoothly display ads within an app rather than bring the user to a separate Web page. The process and price scheme for advertisers starts with the banner ads that attempt to lure people to view the full ad.

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