My feeling on Steve Jobs' commencement speech in 2005

Up today I am among the "4 point two Million and something" viewers of this sensational video about the famous speech Steve Jobs gave almost six years ago at the Stanford University - don't remember exactly how many times I viewed it. I truly respect and sincerely admire the person, the entrepreneur, the innovative genius, the great leader and the great companies he founded. This is why I don't believe there is something valuable I could possibly add to what he said: I feel his message is so clear, so powerful and so strong that doesn't need to be commented.

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Re-imagine your business, Re-imagine your life

Gabor George Burt invites all of us to re-engage our childhood creativity, to re-ignite our imagination to succeed improving our business and our life. One of the most significant examples mentioned is the result of a study conducted by interviewing 1.500 world leaders CEOs about what they think is the most important requisite to be successful in their business. CREATIVITY is the answer of the majority of them.

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Radical Innovation: Google's driverless car

I love cars. I love sport cars. Particularly I love "Red" cars with the prancing horse on a yellow background... ;-) I love motor racing. I love all that since ... I don't even remember it. I just love it. But this video has changed my way of thinking about cars and driving cars. The message is very clear: why don't we start to accept - like we did it for airplanes - that nearly all accidents are happening because of human error? Why don't we start to think what does it means in terms of wastes, staying in the traffic jam for "x" hours per day?

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