Risk analysis

The successful development of a project largely depends on Risk analysis which helps to adopt a systematic approach in managing risks and uncertainty associated to the project. If you know the problem chances are that you’ll make sure to avoid it: this is why performing a Risk analysis is so crucial. Every project contains a certain level or magnitude of risks, therefore it is vital to keep all project stakeholders well informed about them and about what will be done in order to mitigate these risks at an acceptable level.

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Nearly ten years of Job Definition Format (JDF)

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To optimize production processes in a very complex market sector with so many variables and with a very high risk of process redundancies. That’s why nearly ten years ago the Job Definition Format (JDF) was initially thought and created by the CIP4.

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How a customer oriented vision can help consolidate your competitive edge

The future of the graphic arts, the printing industry, the media services has never been so hard to foreseen. It’s not just about the rapid technology development, the global economy situation, the deep social and cultural changes and many others valid factors. For a number of companies I think there is a factor playing an important role: many of them are simply missing a vision on fundamental strategic issues.

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