Chris Brogan

My Three Words In 2013

My three words for the next year. It's an inspiration I had last year from Chris Brogan weekly newsletter. This is the perfect moment of the year to figure out a kind of short guidelines that will inspire and drive my activities in 2013.

So, these are my three words in 2013: Convert - Persuade - Holistic (approach).

My Three Words In 2012

I have got the inspiration for this post reading the newsletter I received from Chris Brogan: his idea of writing "Your Three Words" for the new year is great and it arrived at the same time I was trying to figure out a kind of short guideline for my activity in 2012. So very briefly these are my three words in 2012: Consistent - Aggregate - Inspire Consistent and focused on the message: empowering cultural and business innovation begins with the awareness of the immense power that each one of us has individually to change our history. My goal is to aggregate as many people as possible around the subject of meaningful innovation in our society and in our daily business. I guess that if I'll do right the first two steps, I should expect the whole activity in 2012 will eventually become a source of creative inspiration for those that will read me or follow me.