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Successful applications of an effective Lean Six Sigma strategy share a very strong management support. In fact a Lean Six Sigma program does not happen accidentally, however, having said that just think about the following. There are two main opportunities when implementing an improvement program, could be very difficult: when times are bad and when times are good.

When times are bad the profitability is very low and the resources are focused on strategic activities to ensure the survival. In this situation the company can’t afford to continue losing money because of poor quality and performace. When times are good the profitability is high, therefore resources are focused on the actual source of cash flow, resulting in the fact that improvement will be the last thing to do in order to take advantage of the current positive situation. But when profitability is high, within an ineffective company, also the costs of poor quality and internal wastes are high. Skilled managers must be willing to make significant commitments in order to implement and to support a successful Lean Six Sigma initiative.