I did not know the meaning of the word “Eudaimonia” before reading the articles and the posts of disruptively meaningful life" where each individual is able to express and to fully develop his most authentic and genuine human potential. I believe the eudaimonic vision of a prosperity based upon what we are achieving, accomplishing, fulfilling for ourselves and for the others is a very actual and very fascinating topic. Before continuing let me clarify few things. Eudaimonia is not a religion, it is not ascetism, it is not utopia, it is not a way of life nor a naive vision of the reality. Eudaimonia cultivates depth and authenticity not the “quick and dirty” way. Eudaimonia builds and creates sustainability does not run after easy earnings. Eudaimonia is better quality against more and more quantity of poor quality. Eudaimonia is the pursuite of the most authentic and genuines wishes against the status of having and possessing. Since many decades we are living a dimension of prosperity which is characterized by a fake and dangerous promise that we’ll be happy as long as we continue to buy new stuff and new products. This is the opposite of the eudaimonic vision of prosperity and obviously it is a trap, it’s an unuseful and fruitless pursuite to what Umair Haque defined "the Opulence Bubble". One of its most devastating effects is that it makes us not just economically poorer, but it also impoverishes us spiritually, emotionally, it empties our minds. Reaching happiness within this environment is a scam which has already devastated the ecosystem of the entire planet. No wander if a deep sense of uneasiness and discomfort is spreading across the globe and it does not seem to stop. In this perspective I believe that the “we are the 99%” movement is showing up the deepest distrust against the current system and its proven inefficacy to deliver authentic, genuine human growth and a sustainable future. These people are asking to invest in human potential before anything else: before making investments in the economy, before going on with industrialization at full speed, the nations of the world, the international organizations and institutions must consider to act with the highest attention for the human beings and for the environment.