Writing about innovation, business strategies, technology, science and future trends in marketing and communication is something I cannot keep separated from my personal interests and passions. These “thingsare not disconnected from my professional life: together with competencies and skills, they represent the foundation, what’s needed to nourish it, to make it thicker, more dense and more genuinely authentic. Talking about Innvoation strategies or any professional topic without unveiling something personal would make this blog a mere business presentation or just another message among millions out there. Thankfully we are all different. What we are cultivating in our hearts in terms of ideals, dreams, sacrifices, goals, expectations, etc., is what makes us unique, it enriches us bringing direct benefits to the people with whom we are interacting in our professional and personal life. I usually go to buy fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer and while talking about my job with the owner of the farm (an eighty years old man) he told me: “University degrees are important, but what it is far more important is that behind the titles there is a good person, a person you can trust, a sincere and honest person that is passionate about what he or she does.” He’s a great old man! Why am I telling all this? Because I’d like to share with you two causes that need urgent and active support. One is AnimalAsia which aims to stop bear farming in China. The other is Savethedogs which fights against the massacre of stray dogs in Romania. Why am I asking this? Because I believe that caring for animals has the power to improve us as human beings. The compassion that leads us to act and to defend their rights becomes a great example of civilization for the whole community. Because Innovation that grows in our heart brings us further. Even in the business.