While watching this astonishing and spectacular video I was cought by a thought about the basics of true innovation. It may sound odd connecting the stars with the business, but from where I see things, this sensational video shows the heart and soul of innovation. It shows not only that it is possible to watch life from a complete different perspective but that doing so, it's highly rewarding. Besides the fantastic images, in this video I see a great example of the innovation principle: watching things differently allows to open new spaces, to broaden our horizons. This connects to a previous post I published. It was a TED’s video with George Gabor Burt: he was calling us to re-engage our childhood creativity, to re-ignite our imagination if we really want to succeed improving our business and our life. There is one simple way to get there and our children know exactly how to do it: never stop asking “What if?”. “What if ..." I’d try to rotate digitally the frames so as the stars will stay steady and the Earth will move beneath them? It would be an extraordinary effect and above all it would be a new way of looking at the stars and at the sky.” This might have been the thought NikoBustos had before starting to work his video. “What if ...” instead of investing 8-10Million Euro in a new sheet fet offset printing machine, I’d consider something a lot cheaper, but with a shorter and safer return on investment like a new “digital content strategy” to deliver value innovation to my customers with the creation of new services? “What if ...” instead of running crazy with outbound marketing activities at “zero return on investment”, I’d rather concentrate on a new “communication strategy” taking advantage of the social media tools that are available to my kids? “What if ...” instead of running multitasking all day long, wasting a lot of opportunities, don’t we start a Lean Six Sigma project and focus on reducing our wastes and improve our quality so as to offer our customers true value innovation through our products or services? “What if ...” linking thoughts to actions in a more consistent way and doing something simple that most people don’t even bother to think about? Something original and highly innovative like Niko did: to imagine the Earth moving beneath the stars instead of the other ("old") way around. My most admired congratulations to the author of the video: NikoBustos. Thank you for the inspiration.