When I read this article ("What kind of misfit are you?") by Umair Haque a couple of month ago, I immediately identified myself with the subject as it happens each time I read his posts on the HBR web site or on his blog www.umarihaque.com. I like very much his post: I find in it a message of hope to those like me, who are fighting every day against that "just a little bit of dissatisfaction with the way things are" in their life, in their working or professional environment. It is so frustrating to fight against the status-quo that it's nearly impossible not to feel a misfit and I know quite a few people feeling the same way. What I find very encouraging is that "great accomplishment usually takes the impertinence not to fit into the suffocating status quo" which does not necessarily means that "every misfit accomplishes something fundamentally unexpectedly awesome!" On the other hand "it's also probable that most things unexpected, radical and breathtakingly awesome take just a little bit of nonconformity". Happy and lucky misfits! Like the free thinkers, the great celebrities we see (and listen!) in the video.

We can call them the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the crazy ones but they have been geniuses who saw things differently: of course we can disagree with them, we can quote them, we can glorify them, but the only thing we can't do is to ignore them. Because they changed things for the better.

We really need those free thinkers today more than ever before in our history to find the way out from the "world perma-crisis" which seems to be the current status quo, because "the so called leaders are paralyzed and hopelessly confused". As Umair says "I'd bet there's a misfit just itching to be released inside each and every one of us". So don't be frustrated if you think you are a misfit, but be happy and feel lucky!.